Kue Rising Sun Roll

Cream cheese 1 piece size 7mm x 7mm x 80mm
1 piece of tuna, the size of 3 mm x 8 cm x 11 cm
1 slice of avocado the size of 7mm x 7mm x 80mm
1 tsp tobiko
80 g sushi rice
2 pieces of nori @ 1 / 2 sheet (size 10×20 cm)
1 egg white, beaten until frothy
100 g bread flour
Japan 100 ml mayonnaise
75 ml of bottled chili sauce onion
How to make:
* A roll of the contents, put a piece of nori (with the rough face down) on the makisu. Arrange on top; tuna, cream cheese, avocado and tobiko
* Roll with the vertical direction until a solid, set aside.
* Place a piece of nori (the smooth part facing down). Spread sushi rice on top.
* Place the roll of the content on it and roll with the vertical direction until solid.
* Take a few moments to complete attached.
* Dip in beaten egg whites and bread crumbs until coated well.
* Fry briefly in hot oil and lots of dry. Remove and drain.
* Cut into 5 parts.
* Spray the mayonnaise and chili sauce with a circular shape on a flat plate. Lines with a fork to resemble the form of sunlight.
* Arrange slices of sushi on it. Serve immediately.

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