Kue Sus Yummy

* Water 225 cc
* Butter 100 gr
* Salt 1 / 4 tsp
* 125 gr flour disc
* Eggs 3 btr (Size Medium)
* 700 cc liquid milk
* 125 gr sugar
* 90 gr cornstarch
Yolk * 2 pcs
* 2 tablespoons Butter
How to Make:
* Boil water with butter & salt.
* Enter the flour chakra at once, stirring quickly until dull. Refrigerate until steam disappeared
* Enter the eggs into the flour mixture, beat with mixer assistance.
* Print using a large syringe directly onto the baking sheet that has been spread butter.
* Burn with heat 200 ° until browned.
* Melt the cornstarch with 200 cc of liquid milk. Enter the egg yolks, mix well. Reserve
* Panaskan500 cc of liquid milk with sugar until almost boiling while in stir.
* Enter the cornstarch mixture into the milk & sugar mixture all at once, stirring quickly until thickened and bubbling.
* Enter the butter mix well. Chill
* After the skin cold case, a pair of scissors on the bottom side. Vla input triangles into the bag and spray into the leather case.
* Inclusion of flour into the disc must be well seethe water for kalo will gradually make the dough for flour mengerindil skin uneven.
* When skin burns, never open the oven until the skin firm, because the reply oven door is opened when the skin will be firm yet made skin back down and do not want to ride again so less beautiful.

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