Kue Sus (Bogasari)

Cake Ingredients
* 130 gr. Cakra flour Twins
* 3 gr. Salt
* 100 gr. Margarine
* 4 eggs Eggs
* 250 cc Water
Content Fla. Sus:
* 500 gr. fresh milk
* 75 gr. cornstarch
* 100 gr. sugar
* 2 chicken egg yolk
* Vanilla to taste
* Rum to taste
* Chocolate pasta to taste
* Water, salt, cooking margarine to boiling
* Enter the Twin Cakra flour stirring until cooked
* After the dough is cooked, then cooled
* Then enter the eggs one at a time, stirring constantly until smooth
* The dough is formed
* The dough is ready baked for 25 minutes.
Sus Contents:
* All ingredients except the rum mixed together and stirred until smooth
* Cook until thick and cooled
* Enter the rum and stir until blended. Sus field ready for use
* If you want to add entries sus cream butter, add the cream 2 times the number of fla mixture, stirring until smooth.

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