Kue Bulan Kacang Hitam

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* 1 recipe pastry dough skin moon base
* 100 grams of black beans
* 1000 ml of water
* 100 grams of granulated sugar
* 1 pandan leaves
* 1 / 8 teaspoon salt
* 125 grams of toasted wheat flour
* 25 grams of milk powder
* 5 boiled salted egg yolk
* Boil black beans in 1000 ml of water until soft, put sugar, pandan leaf, and salt. Cook until smooth and bubbling. Lift.
* After dingn, stir together flour and milk. Weigh 25 grams and use them to cover the yolk.
* Prepare cookie cutter in the wood. Fill molds with batter and fill. Rub with egg yolk.
* Bake until cooked for 25 minutes the temperature of 180 degrees celsius while the oven is opened occasionally.
* Serve cake cooked 2 nights after the oil has absorbed so and more shiny.

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