Puding Coklat

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* 100 gr chocolate powder
* 1 1 / 2 ltr of fresh milk
* 200 gr sugar sand
* 2 pack order – that white powder
* 4 btr yolk (beaten)
How to Make:
* Dissolve cocoa powder with a little milk.
* Cook the remaining milk with sugar and so – in order to powder.
* Add chocolate solution into it, cook until boiling.
* Take a little dough and pour the milk into the beaten eggs and stir well.
* Pour the mixture back into the milk, boil until boiling.
* Remove and stir – stir until the steam is lost.
* Pour into molds that have been soaked in water.
* Allow to harden, store in refrigerator.
* Serve the pudding in a cool state ..

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