Resep Pempek Palembang

* 1 cup (1st part) Fish Brengkes Giling
* 1 cup (1 part) White Water
* Salt to taste
* 2 tablespoons cooking oil
* Wheat starch sufficiently
Cuko sauce:
* 1 kg of fine brown sugar, cut into pieces
* Cayenne pepper to taste
* 200 g of garlic
* 3 tablespoons white vinegar / tamarind / lime juice
* Salt to taste
* 2 liters of water
How to Make:
* Mix the minced fish with water and salt until completely dissolved and quite salty.
* Add the flour until the dough just enough starch to diuleni (much less starch depending on the desired elasticity). If you liked the chewy could use more.
* Dough pempek ready formed according to taste. To pempek submarines, take the dough sufficiently, forms such as bowls, fill with raw eggs and then glue it to not leak.
Boil in boiling water on medium heat until floating.
* Remove, drain.
* Enter in cold water.
* To pempek lenjer, shape dough like a cylinder and simmer until the float and lift and masukkian in cold water.
* To andaan, take the dough enough, add some fried onions or sliced leeks seta eggs, mix well.
* Form the dough into balls and fried in hot oil over low heat until the float and mature.
Vinegar Sauce:
* Cook the sugar with enough water to dissolve.
* Puree the bawnag white and cayenne pepper and add to the boiling sugar and bring to a boil.
* Add vinegar and salt. Boil gently for 1 hour until slightly thick. Remove and filtering.
* Serve with pempek with mashed ebi.
* Choose a fresh fish fillet and take the flesh and puree until the white fibers of the meat is raised.
* For this traditional recipe, measure subtle fillet meat in a container or bowl. Then add the water as much as the size of the fish meat (eg, if half the fish bowl, water is also used half a cup).
* The number of starch used according to the level desired pempek resilience. The more starch will be more chewy or hard.
* Traditionally pempek yellow noodles served without.

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